About Evolete

Evolete is worldwide distributor and manufacture of the most unique, fun, and innovative items and gadgets based in Japan.

What do we do?

What we do at Evolete is pretty plain and simple:

We find, produce, and customize some of the most innovative, unique, and cross-cultural items in the world and introduce them to the entire world.


How often do we see or read about something that we absolutely find amusing and love, but not able to have it because that does not exist in your country? No matter how convenient online shopping becomes, there is always a boundary to what we can all have and cannot have just because of the place you live. Enter Evolete.


Being based in Japan, we are able to offer a lot of cute, artistic, and fun items which can only be found in Japan to the rest of the world. At the same time, we are even more interested in gathering up a variety of items from all of the world and introducing each of those items to the entire world. 


From stylish interior gadget, innovative T-shirt, all the way to adorable cell phone accessory, Evolete thrives to make the world a little bit smaller by making sure the item you fell in love with from the other side of the world can be held in your hands. 


3 Fields of Evolete

Exporting Japanese Products 


Finding Japanese items that do not get exposed to the mainstream market is often the key to our business. Although exporting cars, electronics, or anime DVD's would be fun, we find it more satisfying when we get to export niche items such as toys, phone accessories, and squishy key chains because there are not very many people that are familiar with those items even though many of them fall in love with them once they get to see those with their own eyes. We believe there are so many items that are being sold in Japan that could also be appreciated in other countries even though most of them are unknown in everywhere besides Japan. When we see such items, we always try to figure out the reasons behind those items not being sold in other parts of the world other than Japan. Most of the time we figure out not many companies in Japan have the capacity, knowledge, and the experience in exporting those items outside of Japan. That is where we step in. With years of experience and knowledge of exporting items from Japan to various countries in the world, we are more than capable of revealing those unique Japanese items to a bigger market around the world. Getting to introduce "other sides" of Japan and sharing the complexed, yet lovable Japanese cultures is a big part of Evolete. 

Importing Products from the Entire World


A lot of people outside of Japan do not believe us when we say that the Japanese people are always looking for items from other countries. There is always something innovative and amazing coming out in this world, we believe we can be the ones to introduce those items to this country. One of the most amazing things about the Japanese consumers and the market is the fact there are so many items that never cross the borders and come into Japan even though the people are researching, writing, and wanting those items on blogs and SNS. We believe importing those fun, creative, and sometimes crazy items and making those items into something many people in Japan are familiar with is something we must do in order for us to grow as a company. From clothing with functions, crazy gadgets, funky toys, to special designer items, we try to introduce those rare and original items to as many people in Japan as possible. 



With a combined of over 2 decades of experience in importing, exporting, and selling both online and wholesale to companies around the world, we have the right combination of knowledge and connections around the globe to produce our own products. The biggest challenge of this is putting the ideas into something that is real, then making sure that project is going to be successful in every aspect of business. However, we believe we have the right mixture of personnel, sources, knowledge, and ideas to be capable of creating something that cannot be made by anybody else other than Evolete. Will we be able to make something that can be sold in Japan? Will we be able to make something that can be sold in other countires? Can we make something that can be sold around the world? Obviously our ultimate goal is to make something that can be appreciated and enjoyed around the world, but of course that will always be our biggest challenge. One thing that is certain is that is the reason Evolete was established. How long it will take us to produce something of our own that can be enjoyed around the world is still unknown, but we will always thrive to be "that company from Japan" that makes cool items. 

Where are we?

This is where we are starting out from!





Osaka Office

Address: 2-4-30 Takakura-cho, Miyakojima-ku,

Osaka, Osaka 534-0011



株式会社 Evolete(エヴォリート)